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Private Studio

Teaching Statement:
Parker Nelson is redefining the limits of what horn players can do with innovative and interactive programs and lessons that include honing practical skills, harnessing natural talent, and infusing real-world experience to help students craft their own arts career. Parker believes that successful artistry draws inspiration from all genres of music and art with the expectation students to adapt a “no stone left unturned” philosophy where the limits of their instrument do not reflect the limits of their creativity. Flexibility and adaptability are at the forefront of every lesson. Students are exposed to experiences true to those found in the arts workplace and continually allow for students to teach one another. In studying with Parker, students engage with a teacher who is dedicated to providing them with the skills and mindset they need in order to pursue a rich life in the arts.

To download a copy of Parker's method book, Let's Play the Horn, click the following link:


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